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Beta Update

Thanks for all the feedback but the current beta is now no longer available to download and play

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One Life Left - July 23rd

As part of the Game City Nights event in Nottingham, I was interviewed for FM radio show One Life Left

Back Story

Many a kid has has hacked their sisters toys or destroyed their own unwanted toys to make some insane plaything. 

So like the kids we once were, we invite you to blast your way through an array of weapons and enemies, that take you back to a time when guns, soldiers and enemies would be whatever you imagined.

With weapons that include a shotgun that fires party poppers with streamers you'd better be quick on the trigger before the prancing Ballerina wraps her luscious legs around you and chokes you to death or the head bomber who has a pirate cannon for a head blows you out of the game. 


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