• varied and random game play
  • interactive objects that can kill
  • variety of maps based within indoor or outdoor environments
  • scaled as toys in the real world such that everyday objects appear huge


Complete with dolls houses and a large collection of books and other junk, survive the attacks and protect the construction workers who build an access road to the enemies Toy Box fort. 


Fight off waves of insurgents as you try and make your way to the enemy Toy Box. Based in a household basement the map provides alternatives for survival.


Make your way through the hordes of enemies as you advance on foot or vehicle towards the enemy sand castle. Protect the construction workers otherwise the sand castle will remain impregnable ... 

Model Trains

Use the model toy trains to your advantage to break through the insurgents perimeter and attack their Toy Box. Protect the construction workers as they build tracks for you to use.

Play Ground

Set inside a recreation center complex, fight off the waves of insurgents as you advance towards the children's playground. 


Discover a garden setting turns into a jungle when you are the size of a toy. Survive against the waves of attacking insurgents.

Slot Cars

Protect the construction workers as they build tracks so you can gain access to the enemies Toy Box.